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Building Market Data Solutions

MarketDesk specializes in market data solutions bringing decades of success to real-time and integration implementation.

Technology Solutions

MarketDesk has developed its own unique cloud based real-time platform to address today's market data challenges.

Our platform is cloud and content agnostic, allowing us to quickly develop custom solutions.

Our business model allows any client to leverage MarketDesk technology for their use.

Whatever your tech issue, MarketDesk technology will identify and find the best solution.

Technology Services

Software Solutions

Software Solutions

We move data for enhanced decision-making and actionable outcomes by building custom solutions.

Content owners are unable to fully leverage their information without better served direct relationships with the actual information consumer.

We make this happen by showcasing your market data to prospective clients in real-time via the MarketDesk platform or building your own white label production.

Offering product development resources to assist in the full life-cycle of market data, as well as using proprietary cloud based market data distribution platforms sharing your data with customers.

Content Sellers

Selling your data has become increasingly important. Now we can distribute your data to clients via our platform or under your brand and control.

Increase opportunities within data enrichment and access built-in demand for your data.

Content Sellers
Content Buyers

Content Buyers

Access high quality data from premium partners to tailor your data management platform.

Assemble your own customisable platform with our custom buyers choices to capture your market data in a cost effective manner.

Whether you're buying or selling and distributing content/data or applications for an external audience or acting similarly for an internal one, MarketDesk can take your imagination and make it reality.

Market Data

We are global leaders in Fintech solutions and data distribution.

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SAFRAS CTDI Brazilian Soybean Index - Exclusively on MarketDesk

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