Custom data and technical solutions leveraging our partners or yours

With decades of high-level Fintech Real-time experience, MarketDesk has the resources to develop high performance software solutions for your business and clients.

We implement in four steps:

Our expertise is specialized but not limited to:

  • Brokers and exchanges feed handler
  • Protocols translation: FIX to JSON, MKF to XML, SSL to WebSocket
  • Feed customization: content and update frequency wise, with normalization
  • Leveraging our proprietary middleware to distribute private or public data over the cloud
  • Real time data contribution, aggregation, storage and query
  • APIs: Python, REST, Websocket/JSON APIs
  • Web and mobile development
  • Excel add-in integration

Technology Advantages:

  • MarketDesk makes available to content sellers a complete suite of tools to enable you to harvest and capture market data.
  • Distribute your data to clients via our platform or under your brand and control.
  • Our proprietary cloud-based market data distribution platform enables the controlled sharing of your data with colleagues and customers.
  • Access high quality data from premium partners to tailor your data management platform.
  • We offer your customers easy access to your branded information in the form of device agnostic applications via Web, Mobile or Real-time Excel.

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