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The MarketDesk Advantage

In the heady world of Cloud solutions, MarketDesk stands apart as Real-time data experts with decades of proven experience in global systems. We began with a ground up approach to deliver an end-to-end cloud-based data solution on a flexible, robust platform designed around our proprietary middleware, BlueSky.

BlueSky is the engine delivering fast, seamless integration solutions across the global data universe. Coupled with cloud-based efficiency and innovation, the MarketDesk advantage provides superior engineering for clients around the world every day. Let us show you how.


High-Powered Middleware Driving Results

Conceived, designed and built in-house, MarketDesk's middleware BlueSky is the driver for complex Real-time data integration and complex solutions. BlueSky configuration requires no database, additional config files and no predefined host sources. Being content agnostic, BlueSky requires no field dictionary and supports multi-dimensional data structures.

  • A versatile, world class middleware engine
  • Extremely fast end-to-end global delivery with low latency
  • Handles large data flows from varied sources with ease
  • Manages robust, demanding applications utilizing C++ API framework leveraging all underlying features
  • Automatic failover with a fully self-operating self-monitoring system
Data Integration & Content Acquisition Technology

With decades of Real-time integration excellence, MarketDesk boasts an extensive track record utilizing a platform built in-house from the ground up deploying its proprietary middleware, BlueSky. Whether it's Real-time, near Real-time, or static data, MarketDesk has you covered with a varied range of data sources.

Discover your best integration solution.

Data Transfer & Advanced Data

With seamless global data transfer capability, MarketDesk empowers you to effortlessly transfer data across the world featuring simultaneous delivery spanning geographic boundaries. Experience Real-time data visualization through browser and mobile apps with Real-Time storage and versatile clustering. MarketDesk guarantees optimal data transfer speeds, security and reliability with preservation of all original data throughout the chain.

Data Distribution

Unleash the full power with MarketDesk's seamless data distribution featuring a robust entitlement system, secure and encrypted up to any end-to-end Real-Time distribution. MarketDesk provides data owners with a tailored entitlement user interface so you manage and control access rights with ease and precision.

Choose from cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid deployment models achieving full utilization of your infrastructure strategy.