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MarketDesk is designed for content buyers and sellers who want ease of use, increased mobility, and cutting-edge technology. We also make it super easy to find content, an easy way to buy and access it, and the ability to integrate it into off the shelf and proprietary applications without breaking your back or your budget.

The demand for greater market transparency from content/data buyers and sellers, applications providers and users, and from various market regulators is growing. This demand has fueled huge advancements in the distribution and delivery of low latency content and easy to use integrated desk-top and mobile applications. With delivery speeds faster by the day, and the lower cost advantages of Internet & Cloud Based solutions, market participants stand to benefit in ways never imagined. Let’s imagine together.

content buyers

Looking for hard-to-find information you just can’t seem to find anywhere else? MarketDesk sources Financial data & information beyond traditional sources where alternative content is our specialty.

Contact us and let us show you how partnering to locate your desired content is easily integrated into our platform and take advantage of the negotiating power we’ll bring to the table with you.

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content sellers

MarketDesk is a partnership focused solution provider that helps market data content buyers commercialize and distribute proprietary data to the widest possible global audience.

If you are passionate about your data content and have a strong belief that it has a value to your clients, we want to talk to you. The exponential growth and revenue streams of the information market are wholly aligned to consumer information needs of the digital age. We believe that our partnership approach to information sales will ultimately unlock value and your share of a now multi-billion-dollar business.

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Capture, Contribute, Share

Real-time Excel Add-in

Take advantage of our market data with the easy to use Excel RTD Add-in.

Real-time data feeds

Access real-time market data through WebSocket, Excel and direct feeds.

Web & Mobile Data Display

Consume data at your fingertips, from desktop to mobile devices.

“MarketDesk has transformed how we at NCFX visualize our data products - through this key collaboration we have unlocked many new sales channels and client prospects globally.“
Peter Harwood, Commercial Director, New Change FX


Through MarketDesk, content sellers can distribute their data to clients, employees and applications via internet and mobile networks, under their brand and control.

  • Imagine creating a new content/data business with easy and inexpensive ways to capture, price, and distribute to market.
  • Imagine sourcing hard to find or emergent content or data.
  • Imagine lowering the cost of your existing content and data requirements with a partner who can help you bring those objectives to fruition.
  • Imagine improving both the speed of delivering and receiving your content/data with simple but powerful scalability in distribution, increased productivity with little to no integration overhead.

Whether you’re selling and distributing content/data or applications for an external audience or acting similarly for an internal one, MarketDesk can take your imagination and make it reality.

Financial OTC Markets

FX, Money, Rates, Credit, Volatility, Fixed Income, Energy & Commodities

Corporate Data

Pharmaceutical, Transport, Alternative Data

Exchange Markets

Equities, Financials, Index, Commodities


Newswires, Editorial, Commentary

Digital Assets

Crypto Currency

Research & Economics

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