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At MarketDesk, we believe content owners are better served with a direct relationship with the actual information consumer.

We value empowering content sellers how to better know who is using their content, determine the usage terms and maintain a direct commercial relationship with the end user, the customer.

If that sounds like market data fantasy, witness the massive change experienced by the music and film industry. Both have undergone a revolution. So why not market data?

If you are new to market data sales or have a developed data business overly reliant on vendor aggregator networks, MarketDesk’s solutions can help you. Our commercial partnership model is specifically designed to offer superb technology solutions and expertise to empower you, the content owner like never before.


  • MarketDesk makes available to content sellers a complete suite of tools to enable you to harvest and capture market data.
  • Our proprietary cloud-based market data distribution platform enables the controlled sharing of your data with colleagues and customers.
  • We offer your customers easy access to your branded information in the form of device agnostic applications via Web, Mobile or Real-time Excel.

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Marketing & Sales

  • Showcase your market data content to prospective clients in real-time via the MarketDesk platform. Reduce the time wasted with costly trials and setup-up fees.
  • Take advantage of integrated digital marketing, news and market data content product placement.
  • On hand global sales, legal and product development resources to assist in the full life-cycle of market data sales.

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