The days of professional market information buyers being limited in sourcing, receiving and paying are ending.

Trapped between a diet of content aggregators, data malls (CDNs), large corporate exchanges and content producers too often led to outdated, cumbersome, legacy technologies for obtaining your desired information.

Worse, being trapped using a content creator’s APIs doesn’t always guarantee a fit to your systems and applications. Alternatively, you are forced to spend precious resources building your own. Ultimately, this comes on top of the hefty delivery fees to buy the information itself!

Imagine a market data world where you can buy only the content you want, when and how you want it. This is the new business model at hand. Access your content on any digital platform: desktop PC or handheld mobile device using MarketDesk’s modern platform.

Imagine the savings if you decide the content and information you want, where you are in control and pay as you go.

At MarketDesk, we’re applying in-house, data capturing tools and state of the art technologies making this vision a reality for industry professionals who buy market information. You determine your unique business needs without the onerous content owner restrictions.

As the revolution has passed home entertainment, MarketDesk is revolutionizing and reimagining the market data global marketplace.

Saving through Technology

  • MarketDesk gives content buyers a complete suite of tools to source and capture your market data in a cost-effective manner.
  • Our proprietary cloud-based market data distribution platform offers you the controlled sharing of your data with colleagues and customers.
  • MarketDesk offers you and your customers easy access to branded information via our device agnostic applications: web app, mobile device, real-time data feed or Real Time Excel.

Buying Advantages through MarketDesk

  • Save time and money with MarketDesk obtaining immediate content access.
  • Lower the cost of your existing content and data requirements with MarketDesk.
  • Improve delivery speed obtaining content and data with MarketDesk applying its simple but powerful tool kit with no integration overhead.

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Web & Mobile Display

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