• A team of subject matter experts can assist you in solving specific technical problems.

With decades of experience, MarketDesk can assist you in solving difficult problems. Our range of services goes from project management to a turnkey solution we operate on your behalf.

You choose. Our team is behind you.

  • We provide custom data or technical solution leveraging all our partners, or yours.

MarketDesk entertains the collaborative effort to solve a given problem. Sometimes, a solution already exists with one of our partners, which drastically reduces the cost and implementation. When you enter a relationship with MarketDesk you also enter a community of industry leaders which can assist you for a simpler and faster resolution.

  • Develop web or mobile applications under your brand name.

MarketDesk has been developing mobile application for quite some time and has a team dedicated to it. If you need a mobile or web application to display data but also to collect or ingest external data, we can help you.

  • Will assist you with cloud migration leveraging our technology and expertise.

Cloud migration is everywhere, and it has been a fast-evolving fact for now over a decade. MarketDesk has been developing its technology in the cloud from its incentive, and we have been the advocates from the beginning for leveraging cloud technology.

Other than drastically reducing the cost of ownership and increasing the pace of implementation, we believe that the most important aspect of cloud-based solution is to offer a secured and easy access to your data from anywhere in the world.
MarketDesk is well positioned to assist you in choosing the best cloud strategy, and assisting you in the migration, based on your requirements.