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With decades-long experience working for global leaders in market data, the MarketDesk team is pioneering a revolutionary path for market data buyers and sellers through innovation and consultative partnership.

MarketDesk is delivering on the promise of buyers and sellers breaking out of the one-size-fits-all mold and tailoring better business outcomes in a partnership model where everyone wins.

The MarketDesk Team:

Brice Hamon – CEO

Brice Hamon is the co-founder and CEO of MarketDesk. With over a two decades-long Fintech career, Brice led engineering teams for EFFIX System, Reuters, Moneyline, Telerate and more, managing dozens to hundreds of IT professionals for demanding real-time data driven and trading systems.

As Chief Information Officer for ICAP EBS, he managed hundreds of engineers improving system reliability, streamlining projects and leading the company’s technology path for client delivery.

In 2013, he became the co-founding partner for MarketDesk to implement a vision of content owners distributing their data to clients, employees and applications over the Internet and mobile networks, in mutual partnership under their brand and control.

A Member of the Elite Society of European Engineers, Brice is a graduate of ESIGELEC, a top twenty superior school in Europe.

Larry Ng

Larry Ng is co-founder and serves on the board of MarketDesk. He is a serial Fintech entrepreneur and angel investor. His past ventures include Wall StreetSystems, Tradeweb, MarketAxess, Moneyline, Telerate and SpectraSoft. He previously worked for Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, Bankers Trust and as a microprocessor chip designer for IBM.

His interest and experience have focused on the capital markets, electronic trading and market data. He has an MBA from The Wharton School and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from The Cooper Union.

Darren Bishop – Advisor

An accomplished commercial market data, business and product development manager specializing in Fixed IncomeMoney, Credit and Energy Markets. Invaluable trade execution experience derived from senior roles working for the world’s largest Inter-Dealer Brokerage firms including ICAP, Tullett (TP ICAP).

A strategic thinker with a strong background in Content Creation & Acquisition, Sales, CRM and Commercial Product Delivery; Bishop’s a proven accelerator of new market data business strategies with a vast network of global financial service relationships spanning over three decades.