SAFRAS CTDI Brazilian Soybean Index

This is an effective tool that aggregates Soybean prices from 37 different cities throughout Brazil. Built for Financial Market participants to compare the price of Soybeans and provide a transport tool to support trading of linked global agricultural and commodity markets. This has ranging benefits for multiple users from importer-exporters to producers to financial traders.

Launched by Brazil CMA Group with CTDI .

There is currently not a single soybean price being set at the national level in Brazil. Read our fact sheets and subscribe for a free 30-day trial to enhance your Soybean knowledge.

Technical Delivery For vendors and end users

Real-time Excel Add-in

Take advantage of our market data with the easy to use Excel RTD Add-in.

Web & Mobile Display

Access real-time market data through WebSocket, Excel and direct feeds.

Real-time data feeds

Consume data at your fingertips, from desktop to mobile devices.