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MarketDesk to host extended FactEntry trial of their Evaluated Price Service (EVP)

19th January 2021 | News

MarketDesk, the revolutionary market data sales channel announced today it will host an extended 30-day free trial of the FactEntry Evaluated Price Service (EVP) for new customers.

The FactEntry trial of its Evaluated Price Service (EVP) is available through the MarketDesk platform.

With MarketDesk, FactEntry is offering the latest global time-sensitive fixed income asset pricing data. The proprietary calculations (BVE) have been developed over several years with the assistance of international banks, hedge funds and other institutional financial sources.

Signing up to the service is straightforward by logging in with a user name and password on the MarketDesk platform. Clients can focus their energy on day-to-day business versus onboarding, integrating and sorting information to obtain the widest range of fixed income products for their business in delivering financial data and content in the US and around the world. 

Tony McLaren, FactEntry Managing Director, “We are excited at extending our partnership with MarketDesk. Their deep experience in the bond markets will enable FactEntry to reach more asset and fund managers in order to reduce the cost of the burden of regulatory reporting.”   

Darren Bishop, MarketDesk Head of Business Development & Strategy for EMEA & ASIA offered, “FactEntry data represents a fantastic opportunity to source much needed premium reconciliation, reporting and validation data for Debt Fixed Income markets. As investment and trading firms continue to come to terms with increased operational costs; FactEntry is filling a gap and offering uncompromised value.”

With financial services continuing to battle through the global pandemic, MarketDesk and FactEntry are united in their commitment to identify reasonable price-effective avenues in the Fixed Income space utilizing its extended 30-day trial program.

Through MarketDesk’s expertise in delivering global financial data, FactEntry continues to offer  a means to maximize ease of data usage for both domestic and global clients in the widest range of fixed income products, helping clients regardless of their business goals and facilitating those objectives.

Sign-up is fast at the MarketDesk website at with same day approval for the extended 30-day free trial. 

FactEntry is a global leader for a comprehensive range of reliable and accurate Fixed Income and Bond information to users worldwide with the required data to measure risk, establish pre-trade compliance and investment planning across the entirety of Fixed Income Assets. For over a decade, its Fixed Income products are relied upon by institutional and retail clients linked to a host of distribution partners.

MarketDesk features a one of a kind modern platform for content owners to distribute their financial data and content to a global community that prizes ease of use and mobility with cutting edge technology. Through MarketDesk, content owners can distribute their data to clients, employees and applications over the internet and mobile networks, under their brand and control.

For additional information about the extended free trial on the FactEntry Evaluated Price Service (EVP), please call John Robinson at (917) 589-7013 or email