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MarketDesk partners with NewChangeFX to democratize FX data

12th January 2021 | FX | News

MarketDesk, the revolutionary market data sales channel today announced a partnership with New Change FX making its premier content available on MarketDesk’s globally accessible cloud-based platform. 

Through the enhanced MarketDesk platform, New Change FX will offer clients the capability to demo its content in real-time applying fully integrated web, mobile and RTD Excel applications. MarketDesk provides users a quick and easy validation to access quality content without requiring costly technical and time-consuming integration.

The newly enhanced MarketDesk platform speeds up the sales cycle for obtaining market data content, beneficial to both content seller and content consumer eliminating a historically arduous process.

MarketDesk offers its proprietary technology platform through a revolutionary support model previously unavailable to the global market data universe. Its exclusive group of content partners seek to leverage the MarketDesk technology and streamline execution in reaching end user consumers.

The days of door-to-door market data sales is fading to the past as it has for so many industries and MarketDesk is poised to both disrupt and democratize content sales through its partners. 

Brice Hamon, MarketDesk Founder & CEO said “We are delighted to partner with NewChangeFX, who are passionate about their content and have a deep understanding how it benefits the FX end user. For New Change FX, our platform is designed to facilitate the sales process and deliver a true global reach with effortless access.”  

Peter Harwood, Commercial Director of New Change FX said “MarketDesk has transformed how we at New Change FX visualize our data and products. Through this collaboration we want to explore global opportunities for new sales channels and client prospects.” 

The FX market is the largest market in the world and continues to see major structural changes. A recent Financial Times article, Foreign exchange data wars heat up as rivals take on the ‘Big Two,’ highlights the fragmentation of FX trading venues and the head-scratching costs of FX data. 

Darren Bishop, MarketDesk Head of Business Development & Strategy for EMEA & ASIA commented, “The MarketDesk – NewChangeFX partnership is a classic example of the industry-changing direction we’re building. Working through select content owners with a unique product set or position in their respective markets provides a new way to reach current and prospective customers.”

The MarketDesk display page through its website offers a unique advantage for partners to present on-line client demos demonstrating real data further enhancing business prospects.

To sign up for a FREE trial of New Change FX content via MarketDesk, sign-up at:

About New Change FX

New Change FX (NCFX) is an authorized benchmark calculation agent under ESMA rules, regulated by the FCA. NCFX produce live FX benchmarks across spot and forward markets, as well as reference data feeds for Non-Deliver Forwards and other less widely traded markets. NCFX data is o the very highest quality and provides users with a source of independent information for valuations, calculations related to portfolios such as margin calls and the calculation of FX costs.